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Sea Gryphon Medallion

Sea Gryphon Medallion

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Sea Gryphon Medallion

Before you is, in all honesty, a rather fun artifact. 

Believed to have belonged to Anabel Marie—nicknamed Anabel Marine—who founded the Sea Gryphon Company just before the Second Age (exact dates remain up for debate) or one of the sailors under her command. Initially a rather small group of…questionable…individuals (pirates), the Sea Gryphon Company had a reputation for transporting supplies quickly and efficiently, which often involved...


Read more about the medallion in our Lore section, here...


About this Item:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Approximately 22g of .925 Sterling Silver
  • Approximately 30mm diameter
  • Oxidized for aging effect
  • Bail included, CHAIN NOT INCLUDED
  • One size; 4.5mm thick in its thickest point: the wings. 2mm thick across the main field. 
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