Where is “Unearthed Emporium” Made?

All of our jewelry is hand-made in the United States by a family-operated business after being designed by Jake Stormoen.

How is Your Jewelry Created?

Jake worked with artists to create detailed sketches exactly as he imagined them, then a different artist to create 3D CAD files of the pieces. Those files were then sent to the artisan jewelers that U.E. works with, and for some pieces where appropriate, molds were made. For others, each piece is created in jewelers wax and then a lost wax casting process is used for the silver before moving on to oxidization, polishing, and stone-setting.

Do You Use AI?

Each piece is designed entirely from the imagination of Jake Stormoen. Jake then works with artists from start to finish who are experts in their field. The only time AI is used is to create mood art to aid immersion into the lore of each piece, or for the same effect on our social media page; nothing specific or sold is created by anything other than a human, from start to finish.

Are Prices Locked In?

Not necessarily. At the time of launch, each piece is being sold with absolute minimum profit margins. Jake created this company to share his ideas of love of Fantasy with the public, so what you’re getting is very much hand-crafted art made from pure .925 sterling silver. If the cost of supplies goes up or Unearthed Emporium were to grow substantially and require employees or a main office, prices will likely have to reflect that. For now, we hope you enjoy each piece of Unearthed Emporium jewelry at the most affordable and accessible price possible.


Are They Durable?

Yes. Unearthed Emporium pieces are just as durable as any other piece of silver jewelry. After many years of wear or improper use, it is of course possible that they can be damaged or slightly change shape. That said, Jake Stormoen has personally worn each piece extensively in all manner of situations prior to launching the shop, and they’ve had zero issue. Similarly, a small handful of people gifted early pieces have also not seen a single issue arise…and in fact have received many compliments about their UE pieces!

Will You Release Additional Sizes?

It’s difficult to say. Right now this is a side passion for Jake Stormoen while he works primarily as an Actor and Director in Film/Television. Should demand for the products grow or require something not currently available, this will be weighed and looked at.

Is it Possible to Order a Custom Piece?

At this time, all designs are final and very intentional (see our “Lore” section!) and as such, no custom pieces are available.



Do You Ship to All Countries?

As a newly formed company, shipping policies and prices will be updated as they arise. We hope to ship to as many countries in the world as possible, but global policy is ever-shifting and some may not be available or possible for a time.




What is The Wait Time After I Order?

Each piece is handmade here in the United States. Once your order is placed, our artisans will be notified and they will get to your piece after their current tasks are completed. Each piece will be crafted in the order it is received. Some may take longer than others, and specific wait times will be updated as our company gets its feet off the ground. Please be patient with us while we do so--this is run entirely by one person (me--Jake Stormoen!).