About Us

Welcome to "Unearthed Emporium!"
My name is Jake Stormoen, and I am the designer and creator of all the pieces you find here. Working primarily as an actor and director in film and television, I come from a lifelong love of Fantasy and the worlds occupied by its stories.
Whether it took the form of novels, cinema, tabletop or video games, I couldn't get enough Fantasy growing up...and indeed, to this day. I am fortunate in that my career in front of and behind the camera has largely consisted of projects within the Fantasy genre, including the CW/SYFY series "The Outpost," the "Mythica" film series, and even voicing characters in "Elder Scrolls Online."
In between working on the above (and as a lifelong D&D player), I even created a Dungeons & Dragons dice company called "Storm Forged Dice," which I designed and helped launch with my incredible partners at Die Hard Dice. Creating that company was a lifelong geeky dream come true...and what you have found here within the walls of the Unearthed Emporium is a second dream coming to fruition.
My entire life I read stories and played games where characters I cared about faced incredible odds to earn artifacts and trinkets worthy of their courage; items that would aid them on their quests. I wanted more than anything to explore the forests of my childhood as I pretended to be a knight battling imaginary monsters and find a hidden treasure chest containing such an artifact(s).
As I grew older, it became apparent to me that many pieces of jewelry these days which are made as "Fantasy" pieces often contain imagery of dragons, moons, wizards and the like...or being part of such a niche market, they're often times mass produced in steel or copper rather than handmade in precious metals as my pieces here are. I wanted items that felt like they belonged in those worlds in a real, grounded way...not something that felt like a sales gimmick.
What's more, their design felt that it was meant to invoke a quick response from Fantasy fans, but often seemed to stop there.
With Unearthed Emporium, I wanted more. I wanted to create something I'd never seen done before: intricate pieces which appeared to have been unearthed by medieval scholars, with origins as rich as the metals they were made of. I wanted people who held them to feel that these pieces had an inherent history waiting to be uncovered, and think that maybe--just maybe--some magic still remained within.
So...that's what I've done here. Each piece comes to you designed entirely from me, by me, with the aid of artists creating by my side until my vision is brought to life exactly as I'd imagined it. From there, I work with incredible artisans who hand pour, oxidize, stone-set, polish and create each piece here in the United States from start to finish. At that point, they are returned to me--Jake Stormoen--for quality checks and for me to package each item in a way befitting the storytelling magic I want each customer to feel when they open their jewelry for the first time, and I personally send them to you.