Sea Gryphon Medallion



Before you is, in all honesty, a rather fun artifact.

Believed to have belonged to Anabel Marie—nicknamed Anabel Marine—who founded the Sea Gryphon Company just before the Second Age (exact dates remain up for debate) or one of the sailors under her command. Initially a rather small group of…questionable…individuals (pirates), the Sea Gryphon Company had a reputation for transporting supplies quickly and efficiently, which often involved a lack of detail on their chosen passage and a price hike upon their destination before delivery was fulfilled.

While this would normally be a rather terrible business model, their speed and ability to sail waters most deemed unsafe gave them undeniable allure. It was not until the Battle of Cobalt Bastian, however, that Anabel and her Company reached proper notoriety and exaggerated myths began to form around them.

Many will remember the dense squall recounted on the fourth day of the maritime siege—often accredited to mages and sorcerers within the defending ranks—which all but halted progress by the attacking forces. Apparently, Anabel was hired after being recommended by a compatriot within the attacking legion due to her small but strong reputation at the time for sailing in impossible situations (as mentioned above).

She succeeded, and it was not until years later and her retirement—brought on by rather extreme wealth—that some secrets to her success were revealed after no longer being at risk of obtainment by competitors. This brings us to the item before you.

A coin-sized medallion adorned with a Sea Gryphon, it would be attuned to its wearer (the process of which is lost to time, though scrying validates the authenticity of the item). If you look at the details of the medallion, it loosely resembles part of a compass…though an obvious first look will reveal the North and South indicators are reversed. What feels like a design flaw from a drunken sailor is, in fact, rather clever.

For you see, the attuned medallion would at will gently pull toward True North, regardless of time of day, clouds covering the stars, or weather patterns—natural or magical. When worn on the breast and looked down upon, the wearer now sees North and South in their proper positions, and the gentle tug against the chain toward North allowed skilled sailors to navigate waters and obstacles under any condition. Furthermore, the tail and claw of the Sea Gryphon—again, while worn by the user—conveniently shape out a W for West and an E for East. Additionally, the anchor on the bail of the medallion is now facing the logical direction as well.

It is unknown whether any form of magic could be revived in the piece; likely, it is now merely a beautiful artifact with an adventurous history. That said, other than some wear on the bottom left of the medallion from what is likely sand and water before its discovery, it remains in extremely good condition with all important details fully visible.

Perhaps some day you will discover how to attune yourself to it, and it too can help guide you through darkness and storms.

For now, our scholars are simply satisfied with the legend of the Sea Gryphon Company, and are thrilled to bring you this piece of unearthed treasure.