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Gødii Warrior Priest Medallion

Gødii Warrior Priest Medallion

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One of the earlier pieces we acquired, the medallion before you hails from the Kuunströl region to the Far North. Though in the grander sense they are small in numbers, many know of the Gødii warrior priests in their mountaintop monasteries who inhabit pockets of the Kunnströl plains and moors nestled above its vast network of fjords.

Consisting of both men and women, the Gødii are...(Visit our Lore section to read more about the history of this item or read specifically about it here.)


{ PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions will be listed soon, but the chain pictured does NOT come with the medallion. It is a third party steel wheat-style chain that we offer for sale (and is the only item not made by us), which we think compliments the look of the medallion perfectly. Purchasing the medallion will only include the garnet-set medallion and bail, not the chain. Thank you! }


About This Item:

* Pure .925 Sterling Silver

* Handmade in USA

* Oxidized for aging effect

* Set with 10mm x 8mm authentic Garnet Cabochon

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