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"The Pack" Signet Ring

"The Pack" Signet Ring

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“The Pack” Signet Ring

This signet ring was, surprisingly—or perhaps unsurprisingly—found amongst the belongings of a relatively unknown but wealthy landowner during an estate sale following their death. It is unclear whether or not the ring belonged to them or was obtained second hand, but scholars of the Emporium conducted additional research into the matter and accounts seem murky at best.  For the sake of cataloguing the ring in question, I suppose this does not matter—but it is worth noting for the sake of collectors concerning themselves with the item’s past.

The ring itself bears the seal of “The Pack,” an incredibly vast and renowned thieves guild during the Second Age.  While historians continue... (Visit our Lore section to read more about the history of this item)


About This Item:

* Pure .925 Sterling Silver

* Handmade in USA

* Oxidized for aging effect

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