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The Otters' Magical Focus Ring

The Otters' Magical Focus Ring

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What we have here is an unusual find, indeed. The ring before you has, after considerable research, been traced back to a group of woodland druids known as The Otters. As the Order has been disbanded for some time now, it is unclear whether or not they referred to themselves by this moniker or if outside citizens bestowed the name upon them in either reverence or mockery. Regardless, this ring seemed to act as a magical Focus to enhance the range and magnitude of the spells they cast.


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About this Item:


  • Roughly 12 grams (depending on size) of .925 Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Three (3) 4mm Sapphire cabochons
  • Oxidized for Aging Effect


All sizes are in US Standard Ring sizes. Each ring is MADE TO ORDER, so PLEASE make sure you know your size before ordering as we cannot accept returns due to an incorrect ring size being ordered. This is a wider band than some rings, so it might feel a bit more snug depending on what shape your fingers are, and of course, finger sizes can fluctuate due to a number of factors. We have gone to great lengths to ensure an accurate sizing, so please double check so that you are able to properly enjoy your Artifact  :)

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