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Renovast's Oaken Cuff

Renovast's Oaken Cuff

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Before you lies a rare example of an artifact not actually uncovered by scholars of the Emporium, but rather, donated. Unlike the rest of our current collection, this piece consisted of—or perhaps still does, but more on that later—an enchantment that is so benign that it borders on useless. On the other hand, however, this sets it apart as an incredibly unique item and probably the most meaningful that we have seen in quite some time.

This silver cuff, shaped like an oak branch with a leaf on one end and an acorn on the other, is thought to be—with near full certainty—the item mentioned in Relian Renovast’s infamous fable “Boughs of Arcane Love: The Druid and the Mage.”

As you undoubtedly are familiar with from your childhood, Renovast’s story follows...(Visit our Lore section to read more about the history of this item)


About This Item:

* Pure .925 Sterling Silver

* Handmade in USA

* Oxidized for aging effect



Total circumference for the S/XS cuff size, including the gap, is about 165mm. Not including the gap but measuring the inside from end to end, the distance is about 133mm.
Total circumference for the Standard Sized cuff, including the gap, is about 186mm. Not including the gap but measuring the inside from end to end, the distance is about 157mm.
Please note: This item, coming in only two variations, is very much using a "two sizes fit most" approach. Extensive research was done on standard cuff sizes that fit most people--sadly, this does not mean that it is guaranteed to fit you. (PLEASE MEASURE FIRST.) Once purchased, like all silver, the cuffs can be bent VERY slowly and softly to better fit your wrist, should you desire it.
Even if the cuff feels loose, it should stay on your wrist. Putting the cuff on works best using the tip of the acorn or leaf to press into the middle of the underside of your wrist, then gently rotating it until it clasps around your entire wrist.
Should you need to bend the silver, PLEASE DO SO SLOWLY. The smallest amount of bending will make a surprising difference to the fit. DO NOT REPEATEDLY BEND THE SILVER. Doing so will cause it to crack. A one time adjustment is all that should be needed. We recommend doing the slightest bend in the middle of the "branch," or on the ends near the acorn and leaf depending on what you need.
Proper care has resulted in zero issues with Renovast's Oaken Cuff, both in the Small and Standard sizes. Repeated bending can, however--like any silver item--result in small cracks appearing. These are easily fixed at a jeweler with a sliver of silver soldering and a polish, but we would hate for you to have to deal with this. Each piece has been carefully checked for structural integrity before being sent to you to ensure it is free of any such cracks at the time of purchase.
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